ATMs offer extraordinary convenience, providing access to your bank or credit union accounts 24/7. You can find ATMs in small towns, major cities, airports, train stations and tourist locations. However, if you use an ATM that is not affiliated with your financial institution, you might be required to pay a fee of $2 or more for the convenience of withdrawing your cash.

With DOLLAR$TOP®, you’ll pay a convenience fee of only $1 every time – guaranteed – at thousands of participating ATMs around the country.

Use a DOLLAR$TOP ATM and start saving today. You don’t have to register, and all you need to withdraw cash is an ATM card issued by a financial institution that participates in DOLLAR$TOP. Regardless of how many ATMs your financial institution has, with DOLLAR$TOP, you have even more options for withdrawing cash anytime, anywhere, at the no-surprise price of just $1.

DOLLAR$TOP ATMs are easily identified by the bright red DOLLAR$TOP logo. Keep an eye out for the DOLLAR$TOP logo or visit the ATM Locator on this website. Convenient cash for just $1. Stop, save and go with DOLLAR$TOP.