Annoyed with increasing ATM surcharge fees? Looking for a low-cost, no-surprise alternative to access your cash? Take a look at DOLLAR$TOP®, the ATM program with a fixed, guaranteed surcharge of just $1. With thousands of convenient, easy to find locations nationwide, it’s simple for you to access your cash at a fair price. And the bright red DOLLAR$TOP logo makes it easy to see which ATMs participate in the program.

If your bank or credit union is a DOLLAR$TOP member, all of the DOLLAR$TOP advantages are yours with no extra hassle. There is no registration process, and no additional card is needed. Simply contact your bank or credit union to see if they have joined the DOLLAR$TOP program. Stop, save and go with DOLLAR$TOP.

Advantages include:

  • Convenient cash access to thousands of DOLLAR$TOP ATMs across the U.S.
  • No more convenience fee surprises. DOLLAR$TOP cash access fees are guaranteed at just $1.
  • Spot DOLLAR$TOP ATMs easily – just look for the bright red logo on participating ATMs.
  • Visit the ATM Locator  to find your nearest ATM.
  • Look up DOLLAR$TOP ATMs wherever you are with the DOLLAR$TOP Mobile ATM Locator.
  • No signup required: your financial institution simply needs to participate in DOLLAR$TOP. Use your existing debit card and start saving today.